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What is COL?

The Commission for Oceanography and Limnology (COL) of the Swiss Academy of Sciences has three main goals:

PROMOTE study and research opportunities and international contacts for Swiss students and scientists.

SUPPORT students who would like to enroll in oceanographic and limnological courses.

ADVERTISE marine and lake research through its website and symposia.

COL also serves as the Scientific Committee of Oceanic Research SCOR and its members are represented in international oceanographic bodies of experts.

Recent story

During the austral summer 2012, Captain Uwe Pahl and his crew led the RV Polarstern expedition ANTXXVIII/3 through the Southern Ocean with on board Franck Lejzerowicz, a PhD student from the Department of Genetics and Evolution of the University of Geneva. From Cape Town (South Africa) to Punta Arenas (Chile), nine weeks at the sea were sufficient for the participants of two main projects to gather enough samples from both the water column (EDDY PUMP project, lead. Volker Strass) and the benthos (SYSTCO II project, lead. Angelika Brandt)...

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As expected in a land of lakes, not oceans, many Swiss scientists have been curious about the geology of lakes. Already in 1705, Louis Ferdinand Comte de Marsili described Lake Urner as a “piccolo mare” (from Italian “small sea” ) with all attributes of a bigger brother such as the Mediterranean Sea. F.-A. Forel in 1885 first described in detail several ongoing biological and geological processes in Lake Geneva coining the discipline of Limnology.Thus, since early times Swiss scientists from different disciplines were involved in aquatic sciences. Since 1882 and for almost a century the access to marine stations for Swiss scientists and students was granted by the formation of the “Federal commission for the Zoological Station” in Naples, Italy, and the “Biological Station” in Roscoff, France, by the Federal Department of the Interior.

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Course in Namibia:

Microbial and Geochemical Oceanography in Upwelling Ecosystems. More details

International Sedimentological Congress

Geneva, Switzerland
18-22 August 2014
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